We are a manufacturer of the Alternator/Generator from Taiwan, currently our main product included Permanent/Alternator magnet Alternator (Generator) can be customize RPM, Voltage and Power Watts, We also provide wind turbine and hydro turbine as a complete kits for the off Grid and on Grid system application, especially for the Hydroelectric turbine generator that we can provide the1MW to 5MW Hydro Generator

If you want to know 1MW to 5MW hydro turbine price, send us water head and water flow of your water site, we will calculate the right model and cost for you.

Smart Energy Corp hydro turbine cost is the lowest in the same quality under CE certification.

If you work on and have a project in hand, request 1MW to 5 MW hydro turbine generator accurate price, please send your water head and water flow rate, we can calculate the accurate cost and design the right model for you.

we can deliver it to Europe, North America (USA, Canada,

Mexico), South Korea and most of the countries in Africa.





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